Exhibited at In Lieu Gallery in Los Angeles 2017

 - Porcelain, resin, mirror, video projection, cable ties -

A re-writing of the Japanese creation myth

 (天地開闢 Tenchikaibyaku, literally "creation of heaven and earth"),

a story that describes the legendary birth of the celestial and

earthly world. In this version, Ebisu, the "leech child", traditionally

described as the deformed first born, the rejected ancestor,

the illegitimate mistake, is recast in a futuristic scene.

In this scene,  the narration of the myth is told through digital video projections 

that wash over the porcelain forms.

The original text is retranslated into a hybrid english using internet and

hacker lingo and recontextualizes the "Leech Child"  or "Slug", as the forgotten hero, the 

common descendent, the thing that refuses to be written out despite its lack of form.  

Digital textures and text are projected and reflected onto the neighboring wall.

they play off the dappled, grotesque forms of the porcelain sculptures,

one hanging by a chain anchored by cement and eggshells,

and another leaning against the wall floating a top a cement island. 


Excerpt from text projection:

Slug sits in a puddle of allegory.


Extra slimy from traversing broken egg shells and porcelain.


A slime puddle.


Slug paints the surface of the puddle with the newest shade

of latex home exterior finish called Chaotic Fascade.


Modeled after the color of the universe before everything


Beaten and shapeless kind of matter


Sunk in silence

(a moment of silence for excessive redundancy)

From Slug puddle grew a web of interlocking dandelions circling out in all directions.

Expansive net cast over unending archipelago.

Leech Child sits and makes dandelion crowns for her decedents.“the internet is not the thing that connects us all, love is”

poorly built and possibly overly complex.

A crufty. Not aimless manipulation. Deliberate, perhaps non-indexical.              

going somewhere?

Slug Sits in a Puddle

in lieu gallery