Wetwinkie is a performance trio, established between Los Angeles, New York City, and Mexico City, with Amia Yokoyama, Cosima Schietekat, and Natalie Casagran-Lopez. Combining original music, spoken word, dance, and interactive costume, Wetwinkie proposes a physical texture as well as a theatrical scene: the soppy soap bubble, the feeling of glue between fingers. Using language as another kind of material or surface, we slip across the transnational into a new methodology of poetry and movement. Sprouting from the scene of hyper-bureaucratic hyper-gendered office maintenance, Wetwinkie marks the space where such a landscape may become fluid and fecund. Physical byproducts of industry are repurposed through fantasy. Pleasure returns, however ill-fitting or fleeting its forms. As earth settles into a new form, shedding lushness for base, exchanging excesses, we sing the feeling. 

WETWINKIE is currently working on releasing a feature length movie and studio album. WETWINKIE has performed live internationally in Los Angeles, New York City, Tokyo, and Mexico City. Below is documentation of live performances, behind the scenes shots of our feature film, and other promotional material